'Ms Sherlock' Reimagines The Great Detective Sherlock Holmes As A Lady

It's actually a bit like the Japanese version of 'Rizzoli & Isles'.

Produced by HBO Asia and streaming service Hulu, the eight-part Ms Sherlock reimagines Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes as a modern-day Japanese woman (Yuko Takeuchi). 

And just like Elementary, Sherlock’s sidekick, Dr Watson, is a woman as well, Wato Tachibana (Shihori Kanjiya), a surgeon suffering from PTSD following a stint in Syria.

Takeuchi is engaging as the Great Detective: insanely smart, socially awkward, emotionally detached, incredibly frank, and downright narcissistic. 

Just how we like our Sherlock — a total a**hole but one who gets the job done. Sherlock’s gender switch also adds an interesting element to the mix: when she isn’t solving crimes, she battles sexism in a male-dominated arena. 

There’s one weak link, though: Kanjiya’s Wato is way too — how shall I put this delicately? — passive. Most of the time, she just shows up with Sherlock, looking lost and confused, doing very little sleuthing. Just saying.

Watch it on:  Fri, HBO, StarHub Ch 601; HBO Go; HBO On Demand 

Photo: HBO 

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