MMA-themed drama K.O. packs a good punch

Hongkong actress Venus Wong shows off her fists of fury as a MMA fighter.

The MMA-themed drama is about Kit (Hongkong actress Venus Wong), a troubled poly student training to be a fighter under Andie Chen’s jaded coach.
     Think Million Dollar Baby sans the grimness, but with a romantic subplot thrown into the mix (ring?).
      With its fast-paced narrative (each ep is 15 minutes) and riveting characters (how often do we get to see Dawn Yeoh ditch her Hello Kitty-esque cutesy shtick to play a kick-ass MAA fighter?), K.O. packs quite a punch.
     One grouse, though: We wish Kimberly Wang, who plays Kit’s pal, had dialled down her bubbliness, which can come across sometimes as forced and excessive. Just saying.

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