Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories Makes You Seriously Hungry

Think twice before watching this at night.

This beguiling series is a quaint back-alley eatery where the stoic and sagely owner (Kaoru Kobayashi) not only prepares a hearty meal for his customers but also doles out advice to them.
     The drama consists of 10 half-hour vignettes, each named after a particular dish (‘Omelette Rice’ revolves around a Japanese scientist and his Korean girlfriend, while ‘Sauteed Yam’ is about a widow with a secret past).
     It’s hard to explain but we find it strangely hypnotic, therapeutic even, to watch this show before bedtime (good luck holding back your hunger pangs).
     Also, even though the show isn’t a travelogue, it does inspire us to want to check out these nocturnal eateries on our next trip to Japan. (Photo: Netflix)

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