Michelle Wolf On How Bill Clinton Should Apologise To Monica Lewinsky

Fellas, please take note.

On the June 10 ep of The Break with Michelle Wolf , Wolf revisited Bill Clinton’s non-apology to Monica Lewinski on his book tour and how the former White House intern was badly treated by the media during the scandal by introducing a side-splitting segment called ‘Saxophone Apologies’. 

“Everyone is demanding apologies these days, and as I mentioned, I don’t apologise. But I’m happy to help you guys apologise, and I’m going to do it in a way that even the Bill Clintons of the world can get on board with: using a saxophone!” 

I won’t go into the M18 details on how Wolf thinks Clinton should ask for forgiveness from Lewinsky... you know what, just watch this.  

Holy smokes, she actually invited Tim Cappello to perform in the segment. I’m a ‘80s kid — so sue me. Thanks for bringing back the memories. Looks like I’ll be watching The Lost Boys this  weekend. 

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