Legal Drama 'Conviction' Proves That Good Actors Can Be Undone By Bad Scripts

Hayley Atwell deserves better. As do her fans.

Hayley Atwell — aka Agent Peggy Carter — stars as Hayes Morrison, a former First Daughter with a Harvard Law degree, major mummy issues, and a nose for trouble (ahem, of the powdered variety).

She gets busted for drugs and ends up in the newly formed Conviction Integrity Unit, where she springs the wrongfully convicted from prison as penance. So far, so meh. It gets worse.

Her colleagues are a woefully dull motley crew of stereotypical ensemble characters — the goodie-two-shoe with a dark past; the prickly hot head; and the flawed pragmatist. Even with a cookie-cutter foundation like this, there is still a possibility of turning things around, but the repartee among the bickering workmates is banal, the chemistry between lovers abysmal, and the cases forgettably weak. Yawn.

Your time is better spent watching re-runs of Marvel’s Agent Carter, if only to remind yourself that Morrison, like the innocents she tries to free here, is unjustly imprisoned in this criminally joyless crime procedural hell.

Watch It On: Thur, Sony Channel, Singtel TV Ch 316 & StarHub Ch 510

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