Larry David Is Back With More Awkward Moments In ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’

Larry David is still grumpy after all these years.

Bravo to the return of Curb Your Enthusiasm with serial curmudgeon Larry David, back with more awkward encounters (a cagey restaurant manager who refuses to explain what “the disturbance” in the kitchen is that’s delaying Larry’s order) and petty dissections of everyday annoyances (Larry’s insistence on using his fingers instead of a tong to extract cookies from a complimentary snack tray simply because “the tong is no friend of the cookie”). Our fave moment so far is in the first ep where Larry gets chastised for not holding the door for an androgynous-looking lady. But the Seinfeld co-creator has an excuse (or rather, an equation) for the social faux pas: “Type plus distance equals no-door-hold.”  

Another memorable ep, In the ‘Running with the Bulls’, features Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston as the latest therapist who has to endure Larry’s incessant petty complaints and sarcastic put-downs. For instance, Larry doesn’t like the fact that the good shrink is sitting in a better chair than he is (“Have you noticed the disparity in these two chairs?”) and that he doesn’t have a clock in the room (“Why don’t you put a clock behind me so you can have a clock, you know, when the time’s up?”). But the best part of their brief relationship is a bizarre exchange they have at a mutual acquaintance’s memorial service.  

     Larry: You know, I noticed when I said ‘hello’ to you earlier, I gave you a very hearty ‘hello’ and your response was kind of grim. Was that a funeral ‘hello’?

     Bryan: Well, very observant. It was a downward nod indicating a solemn ‘hello’ as opposed to an upward nod where it would be a more joyous occasion.

So, boys and girls, know your hellos.

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