Krysten Ritter Battles Anger Issues And Sophomore Slump In 'Jessica Jones' Season 2

Do we really need 13 episodes when six will do?

Boo to the lackluster second season of Jessica Jones . Is it just me or have Netflix’s Marvel shows gone downhill since Iron Fist

As much as I love Krysten Ritter as the perpetually agitated private-eye, I think her sophomore solo season — where Jones finds out more about the people behind her enhanced capabilities — is a major let-down. 

The story, weighed down by unnecessary subplots, spits and sputters, is taking forever to get from Point A to B. By the end of the 13-ep run, it leaves one exhausted and frustrated. The showrunners could’ve kept things tighter and snappier by trimming the fat (lots of it). 

Maybe they should just follow the Sherlock model: three 90-minute episodes — boom, boom, boom, and we can get outta here and move on with our lives. Things to consider for the just-greenlit Season 3. 

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