Kevin Bacon Plays A Dick In The Comedy 'I Love Dick'

We dare you to say the title out loud. In public.

Transparent creator Jill Soloway’s adaptation of I Love Dick, Chris Kraus’ cult feminist novel of the same name, doesn’t reel you in immediately.

In fact, you’re likely to hate it right off the bat. The show takes place in an artist village and centres on a love triangle between wannabe filmmaker Chris (Bad Moms’ Kathryn Hahn), her professor husband Sylvere (Griffin Dunne) and the titular Dick (Kevin Bacon), the enigmatic local sculptor.

Hahn is gratingly annoying (and endearing at times) as the neurotic Chris, who reverses traditional gender dynamics when she starts stalking Dick. It gets freakier: Sylvere finds his wife’s Dick-fixation inordinately arousing, creatively and otherwise.

Taking turns at ridiculing academic pomposity and succumbing to it, I Love Dick is occasionally pretentious and unpalatable and its characters are not totally likable (let’s just say Dick lives up to his name). That said, it’s also oddly appealing, not unlike Chris’ attraction to Dick — she loves him, she hates him... Dang it, we can’t make up our minds.

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