On the surface, No Sleep No FOMO, the new game show-cum-travelogue premiering on Viu this Friday (Mar 22), looks like any other travelogue. (FOMO stands for ‘fear of missing out’, in case you’re wondering). The host of the show, Paul Foster, and his special guest get to spend a weekend in a particular country, immerse themselves in the local culture. But here’s the thing, they have to do everything non-stop for 60 hours. Hence the ‘No sleep’ in the title. 

For the Singapore/Malaysia leg, Foster is joined by Korean-American entertainer Eric Nam.  “There was so much physical activity! It was hot, we’re outside, we’re zip lining... It’s so tiring,” laments Eric. “We did so many things in such little time, I don’t really remember anything.” 

It’s a good thing we’re there to jog his memory during a set visit. Here are some of the activities he and Paul did while during their blitzkrieg tour of Singapore and Malaysia.

Photos: VIU; Eric Nam/Instagram

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