Jim Caviezel Sci-Fi Reboot Is The Wrong Frequency

Lacklustre reboot of the 2000 Jim Caviezel-Dennis Quaid sci-fi drama.

     This is a disappointing reboot of the 2000 sci-fi drama that starred Dennis Quaid and Jim Caviezel as father and son who are able speak to one another, across a three-decade gap, via an old-ham radio, following a freak cosmic event.
      In the remake, Mad Men’s Peyton List plays the Caviezel role, a detective in 2016 who gets to bond with her cop father in 1996 and saves him from getting killed on the job. But we all know the perils of time-travellling — the future changes whenever you mess with the past. In saving her pop, the heroine inevitably sets off a chain of events that lead to another loved one’s death.
      The first two eps are intriguing but after that, you get this feeling that the writers are trying too hard to stretch a feature-film narrative to fit into a weekly TV show.
When the show isn’t dealing with the consequences of altering history, it’s really just a by-the-book police procedural. (Photo: CW)

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