Jerry O'Connell Plays An Actor Pretending To Be A Cop In 'Carter'

It's like 'The Grinder' but less funny.

The new drama Carter stars Jerry O’ Connell as Harley Carter, a Hollywood A-list actor who returns to his idyllic Canadian hometown following a public meltdown. 

Instead of chilling out, Carter puts his knowledge as a TV detective to good use by helping the local cops. Isn’t this like the Rob Lowe sitcom The Grinder? Yes, except The Grinder, where Lowe’s burnt-out TV hunk pretends to be a real lawyer, is funny, whereas Carter isn’t as funny. 

It’s a cookie-cutter procedural deconstructing a cookie-cutter procedural with Carter drawing inspiration from reel life to solve real-life cases. O’Connell is a nice guy but he’s trapped in what feels like a lesser Stephen J Cannell production from the ’90s… meh. Which is not really a bad thing. If you ever need a show to play in the background while you’re doing housework, this is it.

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