For Janet Hsieh, hosting a TV lifestyle show is a cakewalk compared to acting.

“When you’re hosting, you’re just being yourself,” says the 40-year-old Taiwanese-American who’s best known as the bubbly presenter of TLC’s Fun Taiwan. Acting, on the other hand, is an entirely something else.

“With acting, you’re trying to be somebody completely different — you still need to be a real person, except you’re not being Janet,” she tells and other press from Taiwan via Zoom recently.

Hsieh — who has Egan, three, and another child due next month, with English-Malaysian actor husband George Young — is currently starring in the eight-part HBO Asia rom-com series Adventure of the Ring, which premiered on Sunday (Dec 13).

The Taiwanese production stars Chris Wang as an actuary whose plan to propose to his flight attendant girlfriend (Allison Lin) goes sideways when he misplaces the engagement ring. This gaffe sets off a chain of events that causes a bunch of characters — including Hsieh’s radio DJ Rossy — to mull over their relationships.

“I did the travel show for so long that when the audience see me on camera, they only see Janet,” says Hsieh who hopes that perception will change after Adventure of the Ring. “I really wanted to make sure that when people see Rossy, they see Rossy, and forget you’re watching Fun Taiwan Janet.”

the cast of aotr press con
Adventure-seekers: Janet Hsieh with her ‘Adventure of the Ring’ cast-mates — (from left) Chris Wang, Allison Lin and Huang Shang-Ho — at the press con in Taipei on Dec 8. 

Here’s what else she has to say about the show…