Jack Bauer's Back As The Designated Survivor

Designated Survivor is a gripping political thriller.

In this gripping political thriller, Kiefer Sutherland plays Tom Kirman, a low-level Cabinet member who’s sworn in as POTUS after everyone in Capitol Hill is killed in a terrorist attack.
     While his top priority is to catch the perps behind the attack, Kirkman must also prove to detractors that he’s fit to run the country.
    As the academic-turned-Commander-in-Chief, Sutherland is fun, if you call it that, to watch as this fish-out-water character goes through his baptism of fire.
    In one ep, when an advisor says he’s just “75 per cent” sure who the assailants are, a displeased Kirkman replies, “75 per cent is still a ‘C’ on a test… Come back to me with more than 75 per cent, and I’ll launch the damn missiles myself.”
    Advisor: “How much more?”
    Kirkman: “25 per cent, damn it!” 24 fans will appreciate that shout-out. (Photo: ABC)

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