Ian Fang Is A Soul Provider

Ian Fang wants your soul.

This highly binge-watchable eight part supernatural drama stars Ian Fang as Soul, a kind of Grim Reaper tasked with informing people of their impending deaths.
      Soul is coerced into working for his “chief”, played by Romeo Tan, in exchange for info about the mysterious death of his father (Yao Wenlong).
     The drama presents some hard-hitting truths about mortality, morality, love, loss and kinship through Soul’s encounters with his ‘victims’.
      All in all, the stories are heart-wrenching, heart-warming, and at times, hilarious even.
     One of our faves involves Tay Ping Hui and his on-screen mistress Belinda Lee engaged in an oh-so-sizzling smooch and hip-gyrating dance.
     How often do we get to see that?

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