Hana Kimura, Japanese Pro Wrestler And Terrace House Cast Member, Dead At 22

Her last tweets reportedly implied she had been cyber-bulled.

Hana Kimura, the bubbly Indonesian-Japanese professional wrestler with the colourful hair who was also a cast member on the recent season of Netflix’s reality soap Terrace House: Tokyo 2019-2020, has died. She was 22. 

The news was confirmed by Stardom, Kimura’s wrestling organisation, in a statement issued Twitter on Saturday (May 23).

“We are very sorry to report that our Hana Kimura has passed away,” it wrote. “Please be respectful and allow some time for things to process, and keep your thoughts and prayers with her family and friends. We appreciate your support during this difficult time.”

At time of writing, a cause of death has not been revealed. But Kimura had posted comments on social media which suggested that she could’ve been cyberbullied.

Kimura’s last Instagram post on Friday featured a photo of her with her cat. She wrote: “I love you, have a long, happy life. I’m sorry” over a picture of the wrestler with her cat. There was another post, which has since been removed, where she captioned "goodbye". 

Alarms were raised on late Friday night after she posted a series of graphic, disturbing images of self-mutilation on her Twitter account. She posted an apparent suicide note that translated to the following:

“Nearly 100 frank opinions every day. I couldn’t deny that I was hurt. I’m dead. Thank you for giving me a mother. It was a life I wanted to be loved. Thank you to everyone who supported me. I love it. I’m weak, I’m sorry. I don’t want to be a human anymore. It was a life I wanted to be loved. Thank you everyone, I love you. Bye.”

Kimura was a second-generation wrestler; her mother, Kyoko Kimura, was also a pro wrestler. Hana made her debut at Wrestle-1 in 2016 and she won her first title, the JWP Junior Championship later that year. In 2019, she left Wrestle-1 for Stardom, where she became the leader of a faction called Tokyo Cyber Squad.

Kimura was also a member of the current season of Terrace House: Tokyo 2019-2020 . She joined the reality show, about six young adults living under one roof, in the 20th episode ‘The Third Flower’. Production is currently on hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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