'GLOW' Is A Fascinating Female Wrestling Dramedy Set In The '80s

Cue the '80s soundtrack.

GLOW, the slammin’ 10-part dramedy — by the writers of Nurse Jackie and Orange is the New Black — is loosely based on a real-life ’80s cable TV show called Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (or GLOW).

The show is many things rolled into one: a sports exposé, a showbiz satire and a social critique. It’s largely about Community’s Alison Brie’s Ruth Wilder, a struggling actress (whose personal life is a wreck as well) trying to jumpstart her comatose career by signing up as a wrestler.

At first, she thinks it’s beneath her to climb into the ring in spandex but slowly she starts to embrace her, er, wilder side — as Soviet villain Zoya the Destroya, replete with cheesy accent — in a journey fraught with hilarity and heartaches. You’ll cheer, cry and cheer again.

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