Get Vacay Tips From The Quan Yifeng Travelogue 'Unique Lodging'

Thanks to this show, we may have an idea of what's Quan Yifeng's fave karaoke song.

If you’re planning on an off-the-beaten-track vacay, then take a leaf from the travelogue Unique Lodging, hosted by Quan Yifeng. In the first ep, she checks into the Jungle Hotel in southern Laos. And by ‘checking in’, we mean she has to first scale a mountain and then zip-line more than 300 metres into a treehouse that’s next to a waterfall. (A hilarious moment occurs when she breaks into R Kelly’s ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ as she zip-lines over the trees. Man, you can tell that song is her go-to karaoke tune.) In another ep, QYF settles into El Patio Del Cielo (or Sky Yard), a rustic inn nestled in Taiwan’s Nantou County. Each ep not only presents breath-taking vistas to the viewers, but also lets them in on the guesthouses’ equally fascinating backstories. In the case of Sky Yard, we learn the inspiring story of how the owners were rejected 16 times by banks before one finally agreed to loan them money to restore the century-old residential compound. Bet that’s a story you don’t read about in the brochure.

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