‘Game Of Thrones’ Actor & DJ Kristian Nairn (aka Hodor) Picks Songs Inspired By His Cast-mates' Characters

How much does Hodor like Jon Snow?

When Kristian Nairn, the Northern Irish actor and DJ, who plays Hodor, the BFG (that’s big friendly giant) stable-boy on Game of Thrones, was in town recently, we couldn’t resist (can you?) quizzing him about what’s in store in the Emmy-winning medieval fantasy show’s upcoming eighth and final season — even though his character bit the dust a while ago.

“Now, did he?,” says Nairn, 43, with a hearty laugh, on Hodor’s tragic demise in Season 6’s ‘The Door’ episode. “I’m just saying….” Wait, did Nairn just confirm rumours that he might be making an encore appearance on the show? Or very likely, he’s just messing with us. Or is he? 

But if he were to come back to the Westeros-verse, he would love to play someone completely different from Hodor. “I would love to be an awful bad guy,” says Nairn. “Hodor got the blunt end of the stick [and] he had to work for other people and didn’t get any thanks for it. So yeah, I would love to come back and be horrible… I’d like to be a super-villain like Joffrey.”

Hodor the Horrible? We may have something there. But that’s another story for another time, perhaps on the highly-anticipated prequel spin-off? Chatting to 8 DAYS at The Fullerton Hotel — a few hours before he’s set to spin at a HBO party at the Monti —Nairn shares his memories of working on Game of Thrones and helps us compile a GOT-inspired playlist.

The eighth and final season of Game of Thrones premieres in April on HBO (StarHub Ch 601) and HBO Go. Meanwhile, you can stream and download all past seasons on HBO GO

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