Fred Armisen Teaches Music And Comedy on Netflix Special 'Standup For Drummers'

Non-drummers are welcome too.

Bravo to Fred Armisen’s Standup for Drummers, the hour-long comedy special where the Saturday Night Live alum and the leader of The 8G Band (the Late Night with Seth Meyers’ resident combo) performs to an audience of  — make a guess — drummers. 

But you don’t need to be a skinner (or even musically-inclined) to enjoy Armisen’s quirky observations (“I’m gonna do my impression of a guy in the ’50s at a doo-wop show”); there are inside jokes but they aren’t so inside that they alienate you (he does a bizarre gag about a decomposing fox — don’t ask). 

He also has some help from the likes of Sheila E, Green Day’s Tre Cool and Warpaint’s Stella Mozgawa to share idiosyncratic drummer stories. If you do happen to be in a band, pay close attention: you may pick up some stage etiquette. 

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