Francis Ng Is A Financial Whiz In Andy Lau-produced Mini-series 'The Trading Floor'

It's 'Billions' meets 'The Big Short' sans the fun.

The Trading Floor, the five-part Andy Lau-produced mini-series, stars Francis Ng as a financial guru and Joseph Chang as his protégé, and is about how these two friends' deteriorated over the course of 20 years. (The story is set in a Hongkong-esque metropolis called Coen City; Hongkong is never explicitly mentioned.) 

Basically, The Trading Floor is like Billions meets The Big Short, but without the fun. In the latter two shows, the characters may be unlikeable but at least they’re having fun doing what they do — talking money, making money, losing money. 

The Trading Floor, on the other hand, is all boring exposition, tin-eared dialogue, and twisty and confusing plotting. 

In fact, it’s so hard to keep up with the jargon that you wish the drama did what The Big Short did — get celebs (hello, Margot Robbie!) to explain just what synthetic CDOs, sub-prime loans and shorting are. 

As for Francis Ng and Co, sometimes — sometimes — they look like they aren’t sure what they’re yakking about. 

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