Find Peace & Tranquility On ‘Terrace House’, The Japanese Answer To ‘Big Brother’.

Why can't we have housemates like them?

We can’t stop watching Terrace House: Boys and Girls in the City and Terrace House Aloha State, the Japanese reality soap operas following the daily lives of six young men and women living under one roof. It’s basically Real World and Big Brother, but sans the emo outbursts, screaming matches and ruthless backstabbing. Here, the residents are all sooo polite. Even when they break up, they do it cordially in library voices, almost as if they’re abiding by a samurai code. When a guy strikes out romantically, he simply does the honourable thing by moving out, peacefully and quietly. There’s not much drama on the show — which unfolds in Tokyo in one season, and Hawaii in another — but there lies its appeal: it’s refreshing, therapeutic even, to find solace in the mundanity. (Photo: Netflix) 

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