'Final Fantasy XIV: Dad Of Light' Is Not Your Typical Video Game Show

When was the last time you played a video game with your father?

Don't be fooled by its title. Final Fantasy XIV: Dad of Light.  This Japanese dramedy isn’t a shameless plug for the long-running role-playing game. Well, it is yet it isn’t.

The eight-part serial, inspired by a gamer’s blog, is about a young man (Yudai Chiba) trying to bond with his quiet father (Ren Osugi) — by playing said game anonymously online with him. It’s in the virtual universe where the lad hopes to get his pop to share his feelings and reveal the reason why he quit his job unexpectedly.

Once you get past the geeky premise, you’ll find the show surprisingly bittersweet and poignant. I not only have a desire to know more about my parents, but also an urge to play Final Fantasy. Weird, right?

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