Docu-Series 'Fixer' Shows Lee Teng Trying To Be A Male Escort

Lee Teng should learn to speak Japanese.

Don’t be fooled by the title — Fixer isn’t a show about drugs. (Its Chinese title, xian ren, means ‘informer’ — which actually makes for a better English title.)

It’s an eye-opening docu-series where hosts Lee Teng, Pornsak and Quan Yifeng examine controversial societal issues and cultural phenomena in various Asian countries — from Cebu’s cruel treatment of their mentally-ill to South Korea’s high suicide rates to Dhaka’s pollution debacle — with the help of a local insider.

The first few eps are heavy and heartbreaking, so quit whining about our First World problems. Thankfully, a recent ep about Tokyo’s male escort business offers some respite, with Lee Teng trying to be a rent-a-Lothario, a sight that’s both awkward and funny. 

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