Director Who Cast Daniel Radcliffe In His First Movie Thought He Couldn't Act

John Boorman said he would've told the 'Harry Potter' producers had they consulted him.

Daniel Radcliffe owes his career to John Boorman who directed him as a child on his first project.

The 30-year-old actor made his feature film debut in the film adaptation of the John le Carre novel The Tailor of Panama in 2001 before landing the titular role in the Harry Potter franchise.

Boorman, 87, admits he had to "coax" a young Daniel through the shooting process but he was happy to help him as he had a "good nature".

Boorman told the Daily Mail newspaper's Sebastian Shakespeare column: "He was a sweet boy, anxious to please, but awkward. I coaxed him through the part. His good nature shone through. He was appealing."

The Point Blank filmmaker recalled a time when Radcliffe had praised him for his career, although Boorman admits he would have been honest with the Harry Potter producers about Daniel's limitations if they had asked for his opinion on his acting abilities.

He said: "My daughter, Katrine, was at the premiere of the last Harry Potter movie. Radcliffe said to her, 'Haven't I been lucky? And all because of your father.' Had the producers consulted me, I would have had to admit my doubts about his acting ability. Luckily, they did not."

What's more, Radcliffe, who's now starring on Miracle Workers: Dark Ages, has recently confessed he believes his success has been based on "luck and privilege".

He said: "My entire life and career is built on luck and privilege. It's just sort of allowed to be the case. I definitely don't want people to think I got anywhere because I just worked really hard. Anyone who's successful in anything, for the most part - even if you did work really hard, which I'm sure people did - there's still a massive amount of luck involved. I mean, my life is an insane example of a place of luck."— BANG

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