Desmond Tan channels Leo DiCaprio On 'When Duty Calls'

Is there a longer, unedited footage of Des eating a raw fish waiting to go viral?

Bravo to Desmond Tan’s ‘raw’ performance on When Duty Calls. In Ep 6 of the NS50-themed drama, his reservist character gets lost in the jungle during a humanitarian mission overseas and is forced to catch and chow down on a raw fish, a la channelling Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant. Pretty impressive but it’d have been more impressive if this pièce de résistance was shown in its entirety: Des told the press he ate one side of the fish in a single, two-minute take, but what we saw instead was an over-edited sequence in slow-mo. (Also, we'd love to have seen him catch the fish.) Not fair. 

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