Netflix’s Dark Tourist is a fascinating travelogue where New Zealand journalist David Farrier takes viewers to places that aren’t typically considered ‘touristy’. Quite the opposite, Farrier ventures to more off-beat and perilous places — “dark tourist” hotspots where you find all-things “mad, macabre and morbid”. 

In other words, places Chan Brothers is unlikely to have a package for. So, if you’re an extreme adventurer drawn to danger and destruction, the show — think Don’t Tell My Mother meets An Idiot Abroad, with an itinerary curated by the authors of Atlas Obscura — will provide some ideas on where to start. 

In Medellin, Colombia, you can be a Narco tourist where you get driven around by a Pablo Escobar impersonator, a chance to tour Escobar’s old prison, La Catedral, or better yet, hang out with the drug boss’ favourite assassin, Popeye. 

And if you’re really, really brave, check out a radioactive town in Fukushima, or sign up for a torture house experience in Tennessee. You’ve got to hand it to Farrier for having the cojones to visit these places. Maybe someone as intrepid as Rozz Lee would take up the challenge of hosting our version.

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Photos & Screengrabs: Netflix