Cycling’s Doping Legacy Gets Skewered By Hilarious HBO Faux Docu ‘Tour De Pharmacy’

It should really be called ‘Tour De Farce’.

The Andy Samberg-produced bat-s*** absurd mockumentary, Tour De Pharmacy,  is about a fictional doping scandal that overshadowed the 1982 Tour de France. 

Drugging was so rampant that only five riders — played with varying degrees of off-the-charts lunacy and deadpan sincerity by Samberg, John Cena, Orlando Bloom, Freddie Highmore and Daveed Diggs — were left competing.

The hilarious skewering also features a plethora of cameos, including James Marsden, Maya Rudolph, and JJ Abrams (who dubs the French media’s stylish shooting style “the French News Wave”).

Even disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong offers his views. (Wait, is this part of his public image rehab?)

The best scene: Dolph Lundgren (who plays the older version of Cena’s character) tries to pronounce ‘cheater’. 

(Photo: HBO)

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