'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Shows You How To Manipulate People With An 'Accidental Text On Purpose'

We've done it before.

Boo to Curb Your Enthusiasm, but in a funny way. In the ‘The Accidental Text on Purpose’ ep, Larry David shows just how easy it is to manipulate people  — by deliberately sending them a message and pretending that it’s meant for someone else.

The ‘accidental’ receiver would then think he’s reading a private text, thus stumbling upon an honest moment. In other words, you’re peddling lies in a truthful way. So if you’ve been using this messaging scam habitually on your other half/employer/colleague, your — our — jig is up! Thanks hor, Larry David.

Watch it on:  HBO, StarHub Ch 601; HBO on Demand, StarHub Ch 602)

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