‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Goes Crazy With 'Magic Mike' Number

Our Shirtless Guy of the Week column now has a theme song.

Bravo to Crazy Ex-Girlfriend for its Magic Mike-inspired musical number ‘Fit Hot Guys Have Problems Too’ number. In the ‘Nathaniel Gets the Message!’ ep, heartbroken after breaking up with their respective other halves, Nathaniel (Scott Michael Foster) and White Josh (David Hull) make a pact to go on a seven-day cleanse and whip their bodies into lust-worthy shapes (their goal is to reach “Baywatch-Efron” body fat levels, “not that High School Musical doughboy Efron”). 

crazy ex girlfriend music video fit hot guys 1
Here's another shot... 

crazy ex girlfriend music video fit hot guys 2
.... and another. You're welcome. 

Even after they’ve hit their target, they still feel empty and embittered. And this being Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, the fellas express their emotional crisis through a song and a dance, no, make that a striptease. “We know what people think when they see us that we’re so hot, it’s insane,” they sing. “When we exit a pool, we do it in slow motion. But that don’t mean we can’t complain ’cos fit, hot guys have problems too.” Abs-solutely bonkers.

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