Chris Rock Dishes Out Relationship Advice On ‘Tamborine’, His First Comedy Special In 10 Years

First rule: Stop competing…

Bravo to Chris Rock: Tamborine (Netflix), the Grown Ups star’s first comedy special in 10 years. During the hour-long show, Rock shares thought-provoking and hilarious observations about raising kids, racism, Donald Trump, religion and relationships. For the latter topic, Rock comes brutally clean about his split from his wife of 16 years, his infidelity and his porn addiction. 

Looking back, he says “relationships aren’t tough — they are only tough when one person’s working on it… Two people could move a couch real easy.” Basically, there are two rules to abide by. “Rule one: Stop competing,” he says. “It’s not a [expletive] competition. Her success is your success and your success is her success. Stop competing, Stop it, okay?” 

And Rule No.2? Accept the inalienable truth that equality doesn’t exist in a relationship. “You’re both there to serve. You’re in the service industry, okay?” the 53-year-old comic adds. “When you’re in a relationship, you’re in a band. And when you’re in a band, you have roles that you play in the band. Sometimes, you sing lead. And sometimes, you’re on tambourine. And if you’re on tambourine, play it right… play it with a [expletive] smile, because no one wants to see a mad tambourine player.” 

No one wants to see a mad tambourine player. Hmmm, can that be the tagline in our Social Development Network ads?

P/S: If you’re wondering why the show is called ‘Tamborine’, and not Tambourine (with a ‘u’). Rock has a good reason for that.

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