A few years ago there was this Netflix show called Ultimate Beastmaster. It’s the streaming service’s first reality competition programme, and true to its name, it’s a friggin’ monster. Imagine Ninja Warrior, but on anabolic steroids.

Ultimate Beastmaster involves athletes trying to ‘slay’ this obstacle course — shaped like a dragon — that’s 195m long, eight stories tall, and made of 50 tons of steel. It makes the Ninja Warrior course look like a kid’s playground (sorry).

The Ultimate Beastmaster obstacle course is big but it’s nothing compared to the one on the Chinese reality show Chase Me.  It was on the set of that show that Taiwanese-Canadian actor/model Godfrey Gao suffered a heart attack and subsequently died on Wednesday (Nov 27).

Produced by Zhejiang TV, Chase Me is basically a glorified chasing game: celebs get pursued by professional sportsmen… at night. They’re put through the wringer in a series of obstacles designed to test their strength, endurance, balance and speed.  

The trail is so hardcore that even the seasoned athletes — including Olympic gold medallists — had a tough time keeping up, let alone the amateurs. While Netizens are pointing fingers at the producers for safety lapses, the more important question is: who greenlit this intense game show in the first place?

How intense? Insanely. I checked out the first episode online (embedded below) and, from a viewer’s perspective, it wasn’t exciting at all — it was plain exhausting. Ninja Warrior is fun; Chase Me isn’t.