Carl Ng's Grumpiness Can't Save P.I.

P.I. should be called Point of Exit.

There was a time when it was fun to watch Carl Ng being grumpy onscreen. And it started out that way on P.I., where the Hongkong actor plays a con man pretending to be a sleuth-for-hire.

It was fun for, like, the first five minutes but after that, we began to wonder: Is that the only thing Ng can muster, trying to pass off his indifference as cool and brooding?

Can’t really blame him, though. He could only do so much with the lacklustre material where the supporting characters looked like they were re-enacting cases on Crime Watch (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

But once in a while, something unintentionally funny would happen, liken when the faux dicks uncovered a S&M ring in the jungle! The set up was so jokey that we were expecting a cameo from Jojo Joget Seriously, was that originally a Noose sketch?

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