While you guys (well, some of you) were sound asleep in the wee hours of Tuesday, 8 DAYS was up bright and early — on Monday morning — 14,000km away in San Jose, California, where tech giant Apple revealed details on its highly-anticipated video streaming service, Apple TV+.

During the two-hour presentation at the Steve Jobs Theatre in Apple Park, CEO Tim Cook unveiled info on the company’s new news and gaming subscription services (dubbed Apple News+ and Apple Arcade, respectively), and the credit card service Apple Card. 

All very exciting announcements but we’re most psyched about Apple TV+. Slated to roll out in more than 100 countries between September and December, Apple TV+ will feature original content by Steven Spielberg, Reese Witherspoon, Jason Momoa, JJ Abrams, and Oprah Winfrey. Some of them appeared on stage to plug their respective shows.

While Apple pulled out all the stops to sell the sizzle of Apple TV+, the presentation was more show than tell. For starters, it stopped short at revealing the subscription price. Maybe Apple is waiting for Disney to announce the price for its Disney+ streaming service due later this year.

Early reports say that Disney+ will be priced “substantially below where Netflix is.” Over here in Singapore, we have to cough up $10.98 (basic plan) a month for Netflix, $19.90 for Fox+, $2.99 for Amazon’s Prime Video, $13.98 for HBO Go, and $7.90-$8.98 for HOOQ. 

Pricing aside, there’s another concern: Is there going to be enough content to satisfy customers in more than 100 countries? Right now, Apple reportedly has more than 20 TV series and four feature films in the works. To meet demand, Apple will probably do what Netflix and Amazon are doing: ram up localised productions.

Either that or Apple can put out home-made shows with the photos and videos we’d stored up in the Cloud. (Just kidding.) But that’s another story for another time. Meanwhile, here’s the first wave of shows coming to Apple TV+. Another question: Where are we going to find the time for more TV?

Check out the full presentation here:

Photos: Apple