Bryan Cranston Breaks Bad Again On Sneaky Pete

Walter White is dead. Meet Vince Lonigan.

Bryan Cranston and House creator David Shore team up Sneaky Pete, a slow-burning crime drama starring Giovanni Ribisi as the titular just-released-from prison con man who tries to escape debtors by assuming his cellmate’s identity, moving in with the latter’s long-estranged family and taking up a job in their bail-bond business. It’s a slow-moving show that isn’t really groundbreaking but each time you want to give up, you just want watch another ep to see what long game Pete is playing. There’s another reason for sticking around: Cranston relishing his role as ruthless baddie Vince Lonigan (clearly a nod to Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan) whom Pete owed money to. There’s just one thing we don’t buy: Can grandparents really forget how their grandkids look even if they haven’t seen them for 20 years? If you can wrap your head around that, then it’s easier to swallow this caper. (Photo: Amazon Studios) 

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