Are You Tom Cruise Enough To Be ‘The Ultimate Beastmaster’?

Imagine ‘Ninja Warrior’ on steroids.

Netflix’s first reality competition show — executive produced by Sylvester Stallone — should really be called Sasuke (or Ninja Warrior) On Steroids.

Like Sasuke, The Ultimate Beastmaster is a live-action Super Mario Bros game. It’s thrilling as hell to watch athletes trying to ‘slay’ the titular monster of an obstacle course that’s eight stories tall, 195m long, and made of 50 tons of steel.

Each killer barrier — which gets progressively more difficult over three stages — is designed to test the player’s strength, endurance, balance and speed. Sometimes, it seems that only Tom Cruise (or rather Ethan Hunt, his character in Mission: Impossible) can clear the hurdles.

That said, we should build our own Beast circuit. We can charge admission to extreme sports enthusiasts; Sport Singapore can lease it to its Olympic hopefuls, and Mindef can use it to train commandos and out-of-shape reservists. Win-win! Can you see it? (Photo: Netflix) 

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