'Angie Tribeca' Shows Us What It's Like To Have Sex With A Robot

Please insert standfirst.

Fans of Downton Abbey's Michelle Dockery will enjoy her recent guest appearance on Angie Tribeca where she gets to show off her comedic side.

In the ‘Turn Me on Geils,’ ep, Dockery plays a robot who’s a prime suspect in the murder of a scientist. During the investigation, Detective Jay Geils (Hayes MacArthur) falls for the fembot and ultimately, they, well, hook up. Literally. Then again, this being Angie Tribeca, most of the gags are of the literal type. And because this is a PG sitcom, the writers come up with an ingenious and cheeky way to depict their sexy time without being raunchy.

She (in bed with Geils): Um, do you have something?

He: Of course. USB? HDMI? Bluetooth?

She: Pairing device… Connected to Geils, Jay. Uploading. Uploading. A file of the same name is detected. Replace?

He: No.

She: Rename?

He: Rename.

She: Creating untitled folder. Buffering, buffering, buffering. (Chimes) Upload is complete. You may safely eject your device.

How the actors managed to do this silly scene with a straight face was a marvel.

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