All Parents Should Watch The 'Future Fever' Ep Of 'Better Things'

This ep should be part of Pamela Adlon's Emmy nomination reel.

Bravo to the moving pep talk on the ‘Future Fever’ ep of Louis CK’s single mum sitcom Better Things. When her teen daughter, Max, is feeling gloomy about her future, Sam (Pamela Adlon) tries to cheer her up by going shopping with her.

Nope, shopping therapy isn’t the answer. Instead, Sam has Max try on a suit and tells her in front of the mirror, “Listen, baby. Your future is yours. You could be anything you want. You know those people that you see every day? That look like they have their s*** together and they made all the right choices? And how impossible it seems just to get to that place? Well, look. Look at you. You look like one of those people. And all they did was put on the clothes. And honey, you can be anything you want to be. Seriously. But also, if you just get a job and get by, you're still gonna love your life. Because life is good. Even at its worst.”

It’s a cold world out there, but Sam’s duty as a parent is to make sure the sun is shining every day for her kid. Word.

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