A genre-defying must-watch drama: just what does OA in The OA stand for?

Genre-defying drama that left us baffled and enthralled.

This beguiling, baffling and genre-defying drama stars Brit Marling as a blind woman who vanishes without a trace for seven years and when she re-emerges, her sight is restored.
     Oh, it gets weirder: She recounts her missing years to a group of random strangers. Turns out her disappearance has something to do with angels (hint: it's related to what the title means) and the afterlife.
     Nope, that isn’t a spoiler ’cos at the end of the eight-part drama, we’re still not sure what to make of it. But we do have this urge to call someone who has also seen the show and talk about the meaning of life.
     Just like the characters. (Photo: Netflix)

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