You Won't Look At Movies The Same Way Again With This Internet Gem

Sorry, La La Land fans.

This week's internet finds are about challenging your perceptions - from dating in the modern era to whether your favourite movies are racially inclusive. 

Anti Social

This social parody examines the scary notion of dating someone who rejects all forms of social media. A single lady think she’s found the perfect man until she realises he isn’t on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Unable to snoop on his exes, track his whereabouts or send him saucy pictures of herself, her dream man quickly turns into her worst nightmare.

Stolen Moments

Prince Harry met a special little someone while watching a sporting event. Unfortunately, she only had one thing on her mind: his popcorn. While the royal was absorbed in conversation, the brazen toddler next to him happily helped herself to his bucket of popcorn. Find out what happened when he caught her red-handed. Too adorable.

Clown Car

Let’s be honest. The biggest hazards you’ll meet on the roads aren’t falling rocks or collapsed highways, but other drivers. And according to this ad, driving an Audi is the best way to deal with all the clowns you meet on the road. Set to somber music, the videos shows off the “clown-proof” features of the car as actual clowns go out of their way to make a nuisance of themselves.


What music is worthy of a beautiful ocean documentary narrated by David Attenborough?  A collab between Hans Zimmer and Radiohead, that’s what. The lauded film score composer put his own
spin on ‘Bloom’, a song by the acclaimed rockers and the result is a soul-soothing, goosebump-inducing track that feels like the crashing, diverse oceans featured in the upcoming Blue Planet II.

Zoom Zoom

What do ordinary things look like at a microscopic level? Find out in Small World in Motion, a photomicrography video competition by Nikon encompassing any movie or digital time-lapse photography taken through the microscope. From a sweating patch of skin to a growing flower root, things certainly look different when you’re this up close and personal.

Show And Tell

media 1

media 2

media 3

For all the critical acclaim that La La Land has received, the musical hit scores a lacklustre C+ on this review site. Before all you (Ryan Gosling) fans cry foul, find out why. The site, a passion project by a New York-based designer, rates TV shows and films based on not just the writing, but more importantly, how inclusive they are, especially in their portrayal of women and marginalised communities. It’s the Rotten Tomatoes for TV and movie junkies who want more onscreen inclusivity. Whether it’s calling out shows for its whitewashing (La La Land and Stranger Things), fetishism of women (Ghost in the Shell) or applauding them for its ethnically diverse cast (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Master of None), this site does it with aplomb. 

What Time Is It?

history 1

history 2

Need a reminder that you are but a speck in the vast universe? Histography is an interactive timeline that spans across 14 billion years of history, from the Big Bang to 2015. On its interactive interface are countless dots representing significant events, which are all drawn from Wikipedia. Try to locate an event you’re familiar with, then select one at random. It’s good way to get lost in time, literally. 

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