You Probably Don’t Want To Wear These Ugliest Shoes To Walk The Earth

It’s so bad that it’s so good.

Burnt out from Chinese New Year festivities? Wind down with these hilarious videos plus some head-scratching shoe designs.

Bill Intentions 

If you’ve watched Kill Bill before, you’ll never look at this iconic scene the same way again. Not after Uma Thurman revealed what had gone on behind the scenes. Turns out that despite the actress’ concerns about safety precautions, director Quentin Tarantino had insisted she proceed with the shoot. Footage of the crash — which caused neck and knee injuries that would affect the actress until this day — was finally released this month, after almost 15 years. 

Mind Your Language

When abroad, how do you respectfully blend in with the locals and fully enjoy the country’s culture? Simple. Speak their language. Okay, it’s easier said than done, but with this video, you’ll appreciate how basic communication can make your travel experience so much more pleasant. This YouTube travel channel, which specialises in vacays in India, sees its creator Karl Rock touring the streets and delighting locals with his excellent Hindi. Inspiring.

Family Matters

It doesn’t matter which side of the fence you sit on geographically or politically. Underneath it all, your genes make you all family, so says this ad for a genealogy website. While French, Italians, Germans, and other Europeans belt out Rick Astley’s 1988 hit ‘Together Forever’, the video reminds Brits that while Brexit may take them out of the European Union, it can’t remove Europe from their DNA. 

Game Not Over

A true sign of a hardcore gamer? Complete immersion. This ad for PS4 game Call of Duty: WWII is a hilarious look at what happens when three friends let their online personas as 1940s European resistance fighters meld into their daily life. Having completely lost track of reality, they beep each other Morse code in the office elevator, meet in dark conference rooms and eat incriminating evidence.

Scratch Test

All men do it. Scratch themselves down there, that is. But now they have a legit excuse to — early detection for testicular cancer. This cancer awareness ad encourages men to give themselves a testicular exam while they, er, go to town on the boys. Sorry, ladies, it seems you’ll just have to bear with this unsightly habit for the sake of your man’s health. And guys, maybe not in public, okay?

Heel Your Sole

1902 shoe 5
1902 shoe 1
1902 shoe 2
1902 shoe 3
1902 shoe 4

London-based fashion fan Rebel Royale goes sole-searching on the WWW for the ugliest shoes ever made. The result is Instagram account Crimes Against Shoemanity that features footwear felonies so criminal they make Crocs look cool. Standouts include molar-encrusted heels, keyboard flip-flops and stilettos fashioned as meatballs and spaghetti. So which one’s a shoe-in in your eyes?

Take Notes

1902 music 1
1902 music 2

This is the Wikipedia of music genres, but with a more aesthetically pleasing interface. Plus, the music library, which brands itself as the ultimate genealogy of popular music genres, comes with playlists that would please even music snobs. It’s the result of the creators’ seven years of research from over 200 sources. Delve deeper into everything from mainstream pop to acid house. Who knows, you may even find something new you like. 

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