Win: 'Early Man' Movie Tix

We have 20 pairs of tickets to the preview screening on Mar 3 and premiums to give away!

Pint-sized Dug (Eddie Redmayne) is not really cut out to be a caveman. But when disaster strikes and his tribe is driven from its homeland by the mighty Bronze Age, it’s Dug, the most inept in the tribe, who proves he’s got what it takes to lead them to victory. Set in the dawn of time, when dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures roamed the earth, Early Man tells the story of how one plucky caveman saves the day as he unites his tribe against a mighty enemy.


Date: Mar 3, 2018 (Sat)

Venue: Shaw Theaters Lido (Shaw House, Level 5)

Time: 2.50pm


Simply answer the question here for a chance to win a pair of preview tickets and premiums, courtesy of Shaw Organisation.

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