Why This Gaming Website Is Great For Kids

Game On.

From the ultimate website to spend hours on without wasting a second to a whole selection of choice YouTube picks, this week is about getting the most out of your precious time.

VR Power

Some say VR is the future, but is it already here? This clip of a Twitch streamer playing Beat Saber, a VR rhythm game where your goal is to slash the beats of handcrafted music perfectly (much like Guitar Hero) perfectly shows what any great tech or game must have — a high skill ceiling. As the video progresses, the slashes get unbelievably complicated and blazingly fast, making the VR experience not just fun for the user but even for bystanders to watch. 

He’s God Game 

PS4 game God of War has been taking the world by storm. Why is it such a big hit? Is it the fact that you’re transported to a fantastical world that you never want to leave, like this hilarious parody — depicting an avid gamer’s journey of his life — wants us to believe? 

Stick it to the Man

To stress the importance of early prostate cancer detection, this ad adds a little stardust to the procedure. To help men cope with having a stranger’s finger up their bum, this facility introduces a collection of prostate exam gloves modelled after the fingers of famous figures from history, literature and mythology, like Frankenstein, Winston Churchill and even Thor. Guess whose digits the men liked best.  

Pom and pageantry

In response to being charged with making deceptive health claims, Pom Wonderful, a pomegranate juice brand, made this tongue-in-cheek pharma-ad parody claiming that its pomegranate juice helped a man impaled by a dolphin. The altogether ridiculous premise sees the man going about his daily activities with a live clacking dolphin sticking out of him. Forget health insurance. Just grab a crate of pom juice. 

Flight Risk

Flying can be traumatic. And some people, like Chris Pratt in this promo for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, need their service animal to help them cope. Except Chris’ service animal isn’t a fluffy dog. It’s a man-eating baby velociraptor named Blue. Flanked by co-star Bryce Dallas Howard, Chris tries to convince airline staff to let the prehistoric beast on board, but ends up pulling out a rifle when Blue goes rogue. 



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We all know how comically bad stock photos can be. But these stock photos sure take the comedy to a whole new level. It all started when a group of scientists created the hashtag #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob to poke fun at stock photos of, well, people pretending to be scientists doing things that scientists don’t really do. Of course, Twitterverse swiftly jumped onto the viral hashtag bandwagon and began roasting ridiculous stock photos of various occupations to hilarious results.  

The Ultimate Playground


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If playing is learning, then this site covers both splendidly. Explorable Explanations, built by coders, artists and educators, consolidates 112 excellent interactive games and articles. From a game that teaches the true nature of cooperation to a physics-guided game of showing how travelling at the speed of light feels like, kids and adults alike may end up spending hours on this site. 

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