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Play To Win

Last year’s Dota2 tournament The International 2017 (TI7) was the biggest eSports event with a prize pool of over US$20mil. With this year’s competition just two months away, here’s a chilling and behind-the-scenes look at the grand finals of TI7. Facing off are two giants in the scene: European team Liquid and Chinese team Newbee. Watch it for an in-depth look into the strategies and counter-strategies…or just to see humans cracking under the pressure when millions of dollars are on the line. 

Don’t Try This At Home

Johnny Knoxville, legendary practitioner of the most ridiculously dangerous and pointless acts, talks about all the injuries he has sustained throughout his career. From stunts during his Jackass days to shenanigans on his latest movie, Action Point, there are nasty things like self-inflicted pepper sprays to actual serious accidents (like, when a motorbike lands on him and causes internal bleeding in his, er, delicate parts). All for our entertainment. 

Just Do It

Why do it yourself when you can get Google to do it? This ad is one in a series for Google Assistant reminding you not to sweat the small stuff and “Make Google Do It”. In this one, Chrissy Teigen struggles to find a TV show while hubby John Legend sings about her failure. Who knows, maybe Google Assistant will save lots of marriages by taking over the TV remote. 

The Ride Way

Avid cyclists don’t really need a reason to hit the road. But this ad for cycling brand, Rapha, gives them a valid reason to. Claiming that riding is the answer to all life’s questions, the ad follows a cyclist as he weaves in and out of traffic to escape the humdrum with his mates. Almost makes us want to hop on a two-wheeler as well. Almost. 

Sibling Revelry

Ryan Reynolds is on a winning streak with Deadpool 2 raking in millions at the box office. He also recently bought a stake in Aviation Gin. But not everyone is happy for him. This video sees him getting roasted by his (fictional) twin brother who is less than impressed by his achievements. Nothing keeps you grounded like family.

Meme of the ye-ar

8ss1806 ye 3  read only

8ss1806 ye  read only


Hot on the heels of ye, Kanye West’s latest album, comes a cover generator site. The Yenerator lets you create your own ye album art by modifying the text on the original artwork which features a photo of the mountainous terrain in Jackson Hole, Wyoming — shot by Kanye himself on his iPhone en route to his album listening party — with the words “I hate being bi-polar. It’s awesome.” Naturally, netizens got in on the meme-making action. Here are some of our favourites. Ye or nay? 

Passport Library

8ss1806 passport 1

8ss1806 passport 2

8ss1806 passport 3


Yes, Singapore’s got the best passport in the world, allowing us to travel to the most countries without visas. But what about other passports? This elegantly-designed website shows every single passport cover in the world, lets you compare and contrast the power of each passport, and even tracks the latest changes down to the corruption index of the countries. 

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