It’s a theme park! It’s Jurassic Park! Nope, it’s the new Changi Airport Connector, a 3.5km cycling and jogging path that links Changi Airport to East Coast Park.

01a jurassic mile   brontosaurus
You need to visit Jurassic Mile, bronto. 

Just launched on Oct 11, the Changi Airport Connector is not like other cycling and jogging paths in Singapore — it’s got a few pre-historic visitors for you to selfie up a storm with along the way. It starts at Changi Airport Terminal 2, carries on down Airport Boulevard alongside ground handling services offices, then meanders at T4. Along the way, there’s a café, bike rental shops, and even pay-per-use shower facilities.

Once you arrive at T4, you’d have arrived at the main attraction of the connector: the 1km-long Jurassic Mile, Singapore’s largest permanent outdoor display of over 20 life-sized dinosaurs for you to gawk at. Don’t just take selfies with towering T-Rexes or brontosauruses while you’re there, though. There are info panels about the nine species of the pre-historic creatures so be sure to stop and read.

Planning to walk (or cycle) with dinosaurs at Jurassic Mile? Here are some photo opps you can expect.

01b jurassic mile   velociraptor
Who needs parking attendants when you have Velociraptors?

01c minister posing with baby dino eggs
Transport Minister Mr Ong Ye Kung, who officiated the opening of Changi Airport Connector on Oct 11, poses with an egg-cited baby dinosaur.

01d jurassic mile   ankylosaurus
Get up close with Ankylosauruses.

01e jurrassic mile   parasaurolophus
Party with Parasaurolophuses.

01f minister trex
#Selfieswithdino: Mr Ong showing how it’s done.