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What’s Allowed — & What’s Not — Under New Tightened Phase 2 Measures From May 16-June 13

Everything you need to know at a glance, so you don’t blur like sotong.

What’s Allowed — & What’s Not — Under New Tightened Phase 2 Measures From May 16-June 13

A different type of Phase 2 — a "heightened alert Phase 2" — is happening from May 16 to June 13 in Singapore. There’s a slew of new rules that have just been announced today (May 14), just 10 days after updated Covid-19 measures. This is in a bid to curb Covid-19 transmission in Singapore, as community cases have been on the rise the past few weeks.

Key things to know about the new safe management measures (SMM) that kick in from this Sunday (May 16) until June 13:

#1: Cap on group sizes and household visitors reduced from five to two.
Up to two pax are allowed in social gatherings, and each household can receive up to two visitors per day. Only grandchildren being cared for by grandparents on a daily basis can be excluded from the latter. So, yes, you can still paktor (though authorities advise to only head out for essential reasons), as long as you abide by the current tightened rules. And that leads us to…

#2: No dining in allowed.
That includes food courts and hawker centres, both indoors and outdoors. But you won’t go hungry — F&B establishments can still do takeaways and deliveries.

#3: No strenuous indoor exercises classes or activities.
Strenuous indoor exercise classes, or strenuous individual and group indoor sports and exercise activities are not allowed. In other words, you’re better off working out at home.

#4: The lowdown on personalised services (eg. Spas, hair salons)
The rule of thumb now: any personalised service that requires you to take off your mask is not allowed (think facials and saunas). Only medical and dental consultations are exempt from this rule. So, no, you don’t have to rush to the salon for a haircut.

#5: Back to WFH as the default.
For employees who need to return to the workplace, there should be staggered start times and flexible hours implemented. No social gatherings allowed in the office.

#6: New rules for places of worship.
Congregational and worship services are still allowed, with a cap of 100 pax with pre-event testing; or 50 without. However, singing and the playing of wind or brass instruments are not permitted.

#7: Further reduced capacity for attractions, shows, museums and libraries.
Operating capacity capped at 25 per cent, down from the current 50 per cent. For attractions/shows, indoor and outdoor shows capped at 100 pax with PET, and 50 without.

#8: You still can catch the latest movies in cinemas.
As long as you’re in a group of two. Cinemas can accommodate up to 100 pax with PET, or 50 without. Hold back on the popcorn, though — no food and beverage allowed in cinemas.

#9: Wedding solemnisations are allowed, but not wedding receptions.
You can still say ‘I do’… at a solemnisation with up to 100 pax with PET, or 50 without. You just can’t hold a wedding reception during this time. The wedding couple is permitted to wear face shields during the solemnisation of their marriage.

#10: Reduced capacity at funerals.
Only up to 20 pax allowed on all days of the funerals, including the wake and burial/cremation.

#11: Reduced capacity for malls.
Occupancy limit reduced to one person per 16sqm of gross floor area (GFA), a change from the current per 10 sqm of GFA. Meanwhile. odd and even date entry on Sundays continue for Lucky Plaza and Peninsula Plaza.

#12: Home-based busineses can no longer receive visitors.
They can only operate based on a contactless delivery or collection model.

Infographic: Pyron Tan
Main photo: Unsplash/Victor He

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