What To Know Before You Go To The Singapore International Film Fest – Which Starts Today (Nov 23)

Which movie was edited down from 10,000 hours’ worth of footage?

With 112 films to choose from, spoilt for choice does not even begin to describe this array of movie choices at the 28th Singapore International Film Festival (SGIFF).

Over 1,700: No. of films submitted for this year’s fest. The panel of judges took five months to shortlist 112 films from 42 countries, in the final line-up.

151mins: Duration of the longest film at this year’s SGIFF, The Brawler, an Indian film about a lower-caste boxer pursuing his boxing dream.

3mins: Duration of this edition's shortest flick, Indonesian short film, Mirror.

Over 10,000 hours: Total duration of surveillance video footage used in Chinese film Dragonfly Eyes (below), also screening at this year’s SGIFF. All that was finally whittled down to 81 minutes — director Xu Bing edited footage from CCTVs around China, which is publicly accessible on the country’s cloud servers. The film tells the melodramatic story of a love lost and found, but is also intended as a social commentary on privacy.


12 hours: How long it took for Josh Hartnett to binge-watch an entire season of BBC baking competition, The Great British Bake Off. Yup, that’s what the Pearl Harbor heartthrob has been up to since he abruptly left Hollywood in the early aughts. Kidding. The 39-year-old actor deliberately turned down blockbuster roles (including Batman) to star in a slew of indie films, including quirky Japanese film Oh Lucy!, which is part of this year’s SGIFF. Brush up on your knowledge of scones and Victorian sponge cakes ’cos Josh will be gracing the SGIFF red carpet on Nov 30.


3: No. of years that SGIFF was on hiatus before it was relaunched in 2014.

10,000: No. of people who attended the revamped festival in 2014.

12,000: No. of attendees at SGIFF 2015.

13,000: No. of film-goers at last year’s run.

When to watch:
Oh Lucy!: Nov 30 at Marina Bay Sands, 8pm
Dragonfly Eyes: Nov 29 at The Arts House, 4.30pm; Nov 30 at National Gallery, 7pm
The Brawler: Nov 30, at the National Gallery, 9.30pm
Focus: Shorts Programme 2: Grassroots Cinema (which features Mirror): Nov 26 at The Arts House, 2pm

For the full film schedule and updates, go to http://sgiff.com. Tix from Sistic. 

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Photos: SGIFF 

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