Update, Apr 21: There are new regulations about essential services in Singapore during the circuit breaker, which has now been extended until June 1, and as such, certain details in this story may no longer be valid. Click here for updated details.


The government announced today (Apr 3) Singapore's strictest safe distancing measures to date. These will serve as “circuit breakers” to inhibit the spread of Covid-19 in Singapore and will kick in from Apr 7 to May 4.

Among the new regulations: Most workplaces will be closed “except for those necessary to support the daily living needs of the population”. That is, establishments providing “essential services” will be exempt. These include eateries, supermarkets, markets, healthcare, government services, transport, utilities and key banking services. So, is making a new pair of prescription glasses counted as essential? If you need to furnish your new home, are you still able to go out and buy a sofa?

Which are the essential services that will affect your daily lives? We break it down for you.

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