What Is IT's Pennywise Like Without The Clown Make-up?

Creepy, but the kind we like.

Six videos and two sites to tease your senses – the perfect weekend to bunk in.

Road Safety

Every parent’s nightmare? When their teens are finally old enough to drive. Fortunately for parents in Europe, they have the Toyota Safe & Sound app. The app automatically blocks all incoming calls and tracks how fast the driver is going. And if the teen touches the phone while driving, the app shames them by playing their parent’s playlist on Spotify. We need this app here. Stat.

Hi Dad

If you’ve ever been curious about genetics, this encounter between a sperm donor and the 19 children he fathered lets you see the effects of sharing a single parent. The children don’t look very similar although some of them share the same interests. Still, this reunion is a mix between awkward and heartwarming. Yes, just like Chinese New Year family get-togethers.

The Reel Pennywise

If you’re terrified of clowns after watching It, this video will put you right at ease. Swedish actor Bill Skarsgård ditches his clown costume to charm the socks off the audiences on Conan O’Brien’s talkshow with his hilarious behind-the-scenes movie trivia. Plus, Alexander’s kid brother’s demonic clown smile really isn’t that scary sans face paint.

Car Tunes

What is noise to some is music to others as this high-octane concert shows. Three Audi cars team up with classical musicians to lend their deafening revs to an aural interpretation of the Star Trek soundtrack. It’s not quite music to our ears, but we can already see Ah Bengs in their souped-up beng-mobiles trying to follow suit.

Fashion Parade

Orange is the New Black actress Natasha Lyonne makes her directorial debut in a “fashion film” for Kenzo. Showcasing the French fashion house’s fall/winter 2017 collection, the 13-minute short features a star-studded cast, including Saturday Night Live’s Maya Rudolph, who created her own language (“a version of gibberish”) to play protagonist Chastity, a woman embarking on a journey into herself.


iphone 1

iphone 2

iphone 3

According to Apple, the future is here with the iPhone X — so of course this sparks off memes galore. Twitterverse has roasted the crazy X-pensive phone (at $1,888 you can get a Macbook Air and over 30 cups of Starbucks coffee) and everything that comes with it — from 3D emojis (animated poopmoji, anyone?) to the Face ID system (’cos passwords are so 2016). Not that this is going to stop the masses from queuing up to buy the phone on launch day.

An infinite portrait

zoom 1

zoom 2

Even if you’re not a fan of illustrations, it’s hard not to admire the trippy, deft artwork here. This site simply zooms in on a portrait until it becomes another one, and so on and so forth. A perfect site to visit if you need to be distracted for a while… you know, from the gazillion apps and games on your phone. 

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