What Ed Sheeran Has Been Up To With His Secret Beau

They can get quite touchy.

Start your week with Sheeran-igans on Instagram and some choice YouTube picks. 

Power Shower

If you’ve always thought that the best ideas or thoughts come to you while you’re in the shower, you’re not alone. This video compiles all the intriguing epiphanies from the showerthoughts subreddit and plays it out in beautiful clay-motion. These run the gamut from whimsical to a little depressing (“The moment someone’s dream turns from when to if is quite sad”), but are engaging nonetheless. 

Back to the Future

To show the tragic consequences of texting while driving, AT&T brought a victim of texting drivers back to life with the help of forensic artists. This video shows an imagined older version of real crash victim Caleb Sorohan talking about how his life might have turned out if he hadn't been killed by a distracted driver eight years ago. Heartbreaking.

Case in Point

Another company hoping to discourage drivers from texting while driving is Volkswagen. To make drivers think twice before picking up their phone in traffic, they came up with a rather macabre idea: creating phone cases out of material from car wrecks caused by texting while driving. Effective, but creepy. Want one?

Shady Business

A man sneaks out of his lover’s bed for a morning ride. A man cusses when he misses a putt. A woman smashes her racket in anger. Terrible behaviour, but this ad for Oakley says it’s okay for everyday athletes to indulge in obnoxious behaviour that strains relationships and fractures friendships. As long as they’re wearing their Oakleys while they’re doing it. 

Dinner Jokes

You may not have heard of Michelle Wolf, but this comedienne’s recent White House Correspondents Dinner performance is one to remember. She’s got guts, roasting Donald Trump (who skipped the shindig) and key members of the POTUS’ administration relentlessly and mercilessly. Here’s a teaser: “Trump is racist, though. He loves white nationalists, which is a weird term for a Nazi. Calling a Nazi a ‘white nationalist’ is like calling a pedophile a ‘kid friend,’ or Harvey Weinstein a ‘ladies man,’ which isn’t really fair — he also likes plants.” 


ed 1

ed 2

ed 3

Move over, Cherry Seaborn. The real bae in Ed Sheeran’s life who spends almost every waking moment with him is none other than Kevin Myers, aka the Brit wunderkind’s bodyguard who has been keeping Ed safe since 2015. The latest viral Instagram sensation documents his bromance with his famous boss on his personal Instagram account, sharing BTS snaps of life with Ed, along with hilarious captions and tagged #alwayswatching. And netizens are enjoying this hilarious look into Ed’s life — this month-old account has already racked up over 600k followers. And if Kev’s IG posts are anything to go by, life with Ed is not as fun as you think. Kev lounges backstage while Ed’s singing on stage so often that he’s “bored of the same song every night”. There’s another post of Kev standing beside Ed while the singer is busy signing autographs that’s captioned “When bae takes you shopping”. Just Thinking Out Loud here, we already know Kev is a keeper, sardonic wit and all. 

Making History

drawing 1

drawing 2

history 3

Before WhatsApp, e-mails, letters or even telegrams, people communicated via drawings on caves. Now you can go all prehistoric and create your own with this Historic Tale Construction Kit, from doodles of warriors to buildings. You can even add text in (great for memes!) and download your masterpieces (great for the ’gram!). 


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