WestWorld Season 2 Is Back - Celebrate With This Real-life Android

Don't freak out - it's just a bot.

An all-too-real robot. Cats in food. You can literally find everything on the internet. 

Sole Searching


Do you have an unhealthy attachment to your shoes? You’re not alone. This Nike ad takes us into the office of shoe therapist Dr Dana Sole (played by Master of None’s Lena Waithe), who has the unusual task of convincing her patients, like marathon star Shalane Flanagan, that a shoe is just a shoe. But is it really? 

Dead Boring

Ikea shows the importance of colour by updating ghouls. The ad opens with a roomful of ghosts floating around morosely at a party in their signature white sheets. When a group of colourful party crashers show up, the party instantly shifts into high gear until it is broken up by the homeowners, who appear confused and rather pleased with the colourful new additions to their home. Who knew haunted houses could be so chic?


Here’s a Kiss

How do you leave Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl speechless? Just ask Yoyo Sanchez, now immortalised on YouTube as ‘Kiss Guy’, who was picked to go onstage by Grohl at a Foos gig in the US. We don’t know if it’s his KISS face paint or the ‘Monkey Wrench’ sign he was holding up that caught the Foos frontman’s eye. But magic happened when Grohl handed Kiss Guy his own guitar, and the latter totally aced the guitar solo to ‘Monkey Wrench’ that left Grohl so stunned, he forgot the song lyrics. Foo Fighter fans, you know what to do the next time you watch the band live. 

Black Eye

Glasses with transitional lenses that change colour according to the brightness of the environment don’t exactly have the coolest rep (hi, Dad!). But ever wondered what transitional contact lenses would be like? According to this hilarious spoof, you may end up looking like an alien or a mindless zombie. This hilarious spoof ad shows just how creepy it might be for unsuspecting folks to look at the wearer in the eye. Still, it didn’t stop the US Food & Drug Administration from recently approving these.

Bot Of Course

To promote the upcoming Season 2 premiere of WestWorld, a streaming site in the UK dropped Fred, a life-like android, into a pub and filmed his interactions with customers. Human customers, who generally called it “a very strange experience”, didn’t take too kindly to being told about the upcoming humanoid robot invasion or that humans were inferior to robots. Not the best spokesperson for AI then.


Sound Mine


sound 1

sound 2

If you’ve always wondered what a talking South American parrot or the creaking of sails in the high seas sound like, bookmark this. The BBC has just released over 16,000 sound effects from its sound library (these have been used in BBC’s radio shows since the 1920s) for free. Here’s the catch: it can only be used for personal, educational or research purposes. Hooray for...aspiring DJs spinning in the privacy of their bedrooms?  




cats 1

cats 2

cats 3

First, cute canines were Photoshopped into food shots. Now, there’s one for cats too. Russian artist Ksenia digitally inserts felines into food to meow-nificent results. Every day is Caturday with a visual feast of mew-licious muffins, purr-itos, and cat-rot cake. Great time filler for when you’re pro-cat-stinating. 


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